How does the Secret Weapon think differently from the Unfulfilled HR Pro?

Unfullfilled HR Pro
Secret Weapon

Working constantly in reactive mode

Deeply entrenched in the business so they can create proactive solutions

Always thinks recognition is just one more policy away

Knows what needs to be done because they are attuned to their customer business

Has a vague idea of how the business works, but doesn’t understand the details

Understands the P&L, knows the products and services, key customers, competitive landscape, and how these impact HR and internal partners

Feel they may have a handle on the culture and a good relationship with some managers but knows they could have a great impact

Thinks like a CEO and knows working with internal partners makes them stronger

Have you already begun to see the difference you can make when you become the Secret Weapon? Every day, you show up ready to proactively use the skills, knowledge, and competencies to link business, culture, and partners. You’ll be able to spend your days immersed in the things that will move the business towards connecting it to people in a way you never have before.

That’s where the Impact Method comes in!

This isn’t just any ‘HR’ Course, it’s a program tailored to helping you up your game as an HR Business Partner.

The Impact Method consists of 4 live training modules:

Method 1:

What every good HR Business Partner needs to know!

Method 2:

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

Method 3:

What? Me, sell? Followed by Tell ‘em what you’re gonna say, say it, and tell ‘em what you said!

Method 4:

No more tough stuff when it comes to conversations!

Become the Secret Weapon your company needs you to be!

The Impact Method Details:

The Spring Course is Underway. Please Contact Us For Inquiries.

The Impact Method isn’t just on-line training modules.

Not only will you get the 4 live modules, capped a small number of people per session to enrich the on-line learning experience, you get the following bonus materials:

  • A thorough self-assessment for you to identify your strengths and areas of focus, particularly those that are critical skills for your company
  • An Individual Development Plan document pre-populated with sample development ideas to give you a head start at crafting your personal plan
  • A completely customized financial acumen module facilitated by a former CFO
  • A presentations and distance communications workshop that will change the way you present for the rest of your life
  • Tools to build out your own skillset as well as great resources to support your internal customers
  • A complimentary coaching call with Lynn Stevens, a certified coach, former CHRO and head facilitator

With all this said, the Impact Method isn’t for everyone! It transforms you from an HR person in a business to a businessperson in HR. 


  • If you are squeamish about numbers and think that is the CFO’s job
  • If you’d rather create another policy or draft another procedure from the comfort and safety of your cubicle
  • If you think you already know all you need to know because you studied HR in school

Then the Impact Method is NOT for you!

If you are ready to commit to driving impactful solutions inside your business, to igniting your journey to success, and to becoming the HR person you know you can be,