Master Course


We have developed a first-class HR training program to accelerate the impact of HR inside an organization.  HR leaders at all levels will gain a greater level of understanding as well as practical tools on how to develop the business partner side of the HR Business Partner role.

Over 4 modules participants will learn the key competencies of a strong HR business partner and how to both develop and leverage these skills inside their organizations. Participants will acquire knowledge that will increase their effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of the leaders they support including coaching skills, how to effectively and successfully navigate through a challenging conversation and how to leverage a company’s values and culture.


Overview of the modules:

Module 1: Where are you currently? An in-depth dive into the competencies of an HR Business Partner with both group discussions and individual assessments. What skills do you need, how do you operate within your organization, where is your focus?

Module 2: Financial Acumen: Lead by a former CFO, this module will provide attendees with the key financial acumen needed to truly understand your company’s financials.  The module will be rounded out with a discussion on how HR can impact a company’s financials as well as creation and discussion of an HR Dashboard.

Module 3: The first half of the module will focus on how to be the high powered professional sales person you need to be in order to be successful.  Marrying HR and sales skills.  The second half of the module will train you in world class presentation and distance communication skills-a foundational expertise required by all business professionals.

Module 4: Where are you now? Bringing all the skills together, each attendee will apply the presentation skills learned in module 1 to summarize their key learnings and applications of the materials acquired during the course. Finally, we will discuss company culture, coaching skilils, values and HR’s role at the executive table.


As an added bonus participants will learn world class presentation and distance communication skills from an expert presentation coach as well as develop critical finance skills from a former CFO. Finally, participants will benefit from a complimentary coaching session with me to really dig into their skills and how to elevate their game.

For those looking to take it one step further, Lynn is offering a 6 month coaching program after the completion of this training to help you personally take what you’ve learned and apply it in your workplace. This coaching will really dig into who you are and who you want to be as a leader. This coaching is a game changer.

Enrollment is limited to 20 participants in order to ensure a full and enriching experience for all. Click on the link below to register and enroll and get ready to take your career to new levels!