If you are done with your team only being known as “HR,” your staff feeling unfulfilled, getting left out of business matters, and creating programs that get side-stepped or completely ignored, 

Then it’s time to become your HR Business Partners to become your company’s Secret Weapon!

Why isn’t your team having the impact you want and know they can have:

Most HR Professionals dream of a career where they can positively impact their company and all the employees inside, but often they aren’t having the influence they believe they can have.

To figure out why that is let me ask you a question: which of these apply to your team?

  • They constantly feel unheard so they ‘shout louder’ by designing yet another program they hope employees and managers will embrace (by the way, hope is not a strategy!)
  • When they walk into a room, the first thing (and often only thing) they hear is “Shh; HR is coming!”
  • They only get pulled into an issue at the 11th hour, leaving them no choice but to be entirely reactive
  • You send them on all the conferences, ask them to read all the articles, to take all the courses, but all of these things offer the same useless “strategies”
  • They experience daily bouts of frustration, hurt, and disappointment causing them to wonder if they made a mistake going into HR in the first place!
  • You know the impact that your team could make if they had the right skills to really understand and connect with the business!

Don’t you want to say goodbye to them feeling like Unfulfilled HR Pros? You know they could make a real difference if they develop deep relationships and taking advantage of their combined years of expertise!

If anything I mentioned feels familiar,

Your team can become your company’s Secret Weapon.