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Lynn Stevens - Head Facilitator

Lynn Stevens is the creator and Head Facilitator of the Impact Method. After feeling like the Unfulfilled HR Pro Lynn saw the light. The light came in the form of a VP of HR who was as connected to the business as all the other executives sitting around the table. Lynn watched her in action and knew this was exactly how HR was meant to interact inside a company. From that moment, Lynn began thinking like a CEO. She learned the business, learned how to connect the business to the numbers, and discovered how to tell a story that connects the people to the business. She’s never looked back and wants you to do the same!

Lynn Stevens

Guest Speakers:

Michelle Van Tol

Former CFO, certified coach and numbers guru

After many years as a CFO working with many businesses and entrepreneurs, Michelle realized that her training as a CPA and deep experience as a CFO were not enough to help her clients get the financial results they wanted - so in 2015 she went back to school to train to be a professional coach. This training helped Michelle to attain the skills to help her clients both identify what needed to be done to improve their financial situation but also create the supporting beliefs and behaviours to ensure their success

Anil Dilawri

Presentation coach to thousands of executives

Anil is Managing Director of Save it like Sully – a professional presentation training and coaching company. Save it like Sully has worked with leaders and groups in various industries such as technology, health care, consulting, oil and gas, financial services, education, research, associations, and government. Anil is also the creator of The Ultimate Investor Pitch Guide, a video training series designed for startups.